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Posted by Idiot UK Drivers Exposed on Thursday, 28 May 2015


This cyclist in Scotland ended up having a full on row with police officers after he filmed them driving in a bus lane.

Anybody that cycles on the roads regularly will confirm, it's not uncommon to see motorists sat in the bus lane which, in most circumstances, should be reserved just for buses, taxis, and cyclists and motorcyclists during it's house of operation (usually during rush hour).

However, this cyclist, with a GoPro mounted on his helmet, captures a police car sat in the lane along with a whole host of other cars. Presumably in shock, he appears to knock the window of the police car and inform them they they're '"in a bike lane".

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 09.22.09

Shortly after, when one of the officers from the car pulls the cyclist over, an increasingly heated exchange gets underway.

The cyclist claims that the police were in violation of the Road Traffic Act 1998 by being in the bus lane. Now, we know that there are fines in place for improper use by motorists, suggesting that there is an offence, but when we had a look through the RTA1988, we couldn't see a provision specifically referring it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 09.58.05

The police then seem intent on taking the cyclists name and details despite the fact that, as far as we can see - and we're far from lawyers it must be said - he's committed no offence. Now, the officers are well within their right, under the RTA1988 S165 to do this, but to us, it seems like they just didn't like being caught out.

So, who do you think was right? And more importantly, who was wrong? Did the police think they were above the law, or was the cyclist being a bit of a dick banging on their window?

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