Pictured: English Defence League marching in Bristol (via Bristol 24/7 - Twitter).

On the Saturday just gone, a bunch of far-right extremists from the English Defence League organised a protest in Bristol. The reason for the protest? Immigration, and they're lack of enthusiasm for it (perhaps the understatement of the century, right there).

The turnout for this march through the streets of Bristol was pathetically low, with only about 20 or so people from a faction calling themselves the South West Infidels making an appearance.

Hilariously, as pictures of the protest emerged on social media, it appeared that the police escort for the event actually outnumbered the amount of protesters involved.

Screenshot: Bristol 24/7 (via Twitter).

To make matters worse for the angry protesters, they found their efforts to spread racist and xenophobic hatred to the people of Bristol thwarted by approximately 250 naked cyclists and over 100 anti-fascism campaigners.

In terms of all the different ways to have your limelight stolen, we'd say that getting interrupted by 250 naked cyclists has to be right up there.

There's having your message of hate undermined, and there's having your message of hate undermined by an army of nude cyclists happily spreading peace, love, and understanding. Defence League? More like De-fail League.

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