Riding a bike backwards is one thing. Riding it down here wat 80km/h is a whole new challenge... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Some roads are a lot more interesting than others to ride. Take the mountain road above in Trollstigen in Norway for example. It’s four kilometres long, packed with devilish curves, and it features a not-so-subtle downhill slope with a ten percent dip.

Chalk up all the beautifully scenery alongside the previously conveyed information, and you’ve got a route that few road cyclists would ever turn down. It’s near enough bucket list material.

One man who agrees with us here is Eskil Ronningsbakken, the Norweigan daredevil who spends most of his time cheating death through crazy acrobatic skills and a set of steel balls.

So, when Eskil got round to taking on Trollstigen, he thought he’d add a little bit of extra spice to the usual riding experience. How? By riding his bike backwards of course... At speeds of up to 80km/h:

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