This genuinely shocking footage shows a female cyclist being verbally abused by a man in a van.

Caught on GoPro by a near-by motorcyclist, the cyclist is waiting at a red traffic light when the van, already next to her, lurches closer. The moron on the passenger side shouts from his window “Do you want my number?"

She didn’t.

It would be bad enough if it stopped there, but it gets worse.

The cyclist pushed the wing mirror of the van, which only makes the luddites inside even more moronic. “What charm school did you go to, ay" asks the high-visibility chimp inside. “You wanna tell your mum and dad to get their fucking money back".

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When the cyclist replies – which is inaudible – the arsehole in the van comes back with “shut up you old dog". What was that about a charm school? He then asks the woman if she’s on her period before reaching out of the window in a bid to make some sort of unsolicited physical contact with her.

Female cyclist takes her revenge on abuse van man - Photo: YouTube/Viral Thread

The lights then turn green, and the cyclist flips the bloke in the van her middle finger, before giving chase. A few seconds pass before the van pulls up and the cyclist catches up to it. She then proceeds to rip the driver's side wing mirror clean off.

We see a lot of Cyclist Vs Motorist videos here at Mpora, and our reactions range from amusement when things get a bit silly, to anger, when it appears that somebody is genuinely wronged.

But this? This is disgusting. We certainly don’t defend ripping the wing mirrors off vans, but people should be able to go about their daily business without fear of being harassed by bigoted arse-clumps.

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