You may have seen some bikes built from strange materials. You may even have seen some that were built out of wood. But, with the exception of our very own bamboo BMX of course, we doubt you've seen any that are quite as outstanding as this.

Michael Thompson is the man behind the 'SplinterBike', and he doesn't take his bets very lightly - or we're assuming so at least, given that he entered into a £1 wager to build a wooden bike then committed over 1000 hours to coming out on top.

The feature above was the first in Red Bull's 'Fettlers' series, looking at clever and unique craftsmanship in the world of cycling.

It is pretty amazing that you can turn a tree into a smart looking bicycle with a little bit (or a hell of a lot) of work, and we're betting some folk would pay a fine price for one of these as well!

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