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Fixed Gear riding selfie guy

Normally we’d associate fixed-gear bicycles with the kind of people who drink coffee so far past artisan it’s been made by a blind Guatemalan monk, and normally end up spilling said beverage because they can’t see out their flatcap or get the mug to their mouth through their pastiche moustache.

BUT occasionally we’re reminded that some actual cyclists, for one reason or another, like to ride a fixie as well. Though we’re betting even they have a soft spot for craft beer.

Take Michael Guerra, the fixie rider who in the clip below goes powering past a group of road cyclists in the superman pose, before making what can only be described as a bewildering recovery as his pedals still spin away. This clearly isn’t his first rodeo.

Instagram account: @dafnefixed

What’s particularly pleasing about this is the fact that the roadies have just overtaken Michael, and the sheer speed he seems to pick up when he flies by them on the overtake...

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