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There are some road accidents which are simply unpreventable. This one, however, definitely does not fall into that category.

We like to think that cyclists are smart when they’re out on the roads. They pay attention, put their own safety at the top of their priority-list and usually only get into trouble when an ignorant car-owner makes a clumsy mistake.

Any self-respecting road cyclist will tell you that while cars are bad though, cyclists are often their own worst enemy, and there’s nothing that quite highlights this point like the ridiculous footage below.

What can lead a man to cycle along a main road whilst staring at the ground, giving himself no chance of avoiding any hazards that lie ahead, is completely beyond us.

The dude soon bears the full brunt of a parked car for deciding to daydream about his dinner though, and he can hardly have any complaints about going flying as a result.

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To make matters worse, the car he hit was that of a learner driver, out on his first lesson and “parked up to discuss his progress". Safe to say he’ll now be scared of road-cyclists for the rest of his life.

Thankfully, the rider seems to have gotten away with the crash relatively unharmed, minus a bit of blood on his face which will hopefully teach him a lesson, and the lady in red behind him seemed to really enjoy it.

What an idiot. What an idiot indeed.

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