electric e-bike bike rise boom 4

A huge boom in electric bikes is heading for the UK in the next two years according to Electric Bike Company director Martin Brown.

Brown has seen a huge increase in sales in recent years already, with a 20 percent growth in 2016 and sales reaching as high as 35,000 in the UK in the past 12 months.

That already sounds like a big number for what you may have thought quite a niche market, but Brown is predicting a much larger growth to take place in the next 24 months – saying it could be as prolific as the German e-bike revolution, where 535,000 bikes were sold in 2015.

electric e-bike bike rise boom

He told Cycling Weekly: “I think the UK market hasn’t even seen the big ‘boom’ yet, as sales continue to grow at a fast pace. E-bikes are becoming more familiar and understood by the nation. I predict that in the next 18-24 months we’ll see a sharp spike similar to what particular countries on the continent have experienced.

“I’d say Germany is trailing a lead on the UK by about three years, so based on sales figures there we’re in for a very exciting time in the next two years or so."

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E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular for commuters in the city and for helping cyclists with mobility issues – but also are becoming a much more popular choice among touring cyclists and mountain bikers as well.

Numerous electric mountain bike options are now available, including electric downhill bikes which are sure to split opinion, but which undoubtedly make that climb up the hill a hell of a lot easier at the end of the trail.

Whatever your thoughts on them, it looks like you better get used to electric bikes. Boom or no boom, they’re here to stay.

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