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My God, there's road rage and then there's this guy. A cyclist was riding down Priory Lane in South West London, when one of the Chelsea Tractors popular in the area decided to overtake him.

The road, like many in the capital was too small for the black behemoth, which ended up having to cut left to avoid oncoming traffic, forcing the cyclist off the road.

What's incredible is how a couple of fairly mild protests from the cyclist seem to flip a switch in the driver, who emerges from his vehicle with the word "cunt" flying out of his mouth before his feet have even touched the ground.

The word "cunt" flies out of his mouth before his feet have even touched the ground.

The cyclist, to be fair, does a pretty good line in incomprehensible c-bombs and f-bombs himself, but it's surely the driver who comes off worst - not least because he's the kind of goon who thinks that this is a winning argument...

Photo: Screenshot

It's like watching the reincarnated spirit of Jeremy Clarkson's career going toe-to-toe with a cross-dressing member of Greenpeace... and neither of them backing down.

Love the way neither man can quite bring himself to clock the other though. And so after they've both exhausted their admittedly limited vocabulary, the driver has to get back in and slightly sheepishly carry on...

Apparently he was later fined for a public order offence.

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