Cycling Form

On this page you'll find lots of helpful cycling tips and pointers to get you started and improve your form including:

  • Pedal in circles - use all 360 degrees of your pedal stroke
  • Smooth is key - avoid surges or power and stamping on the pedal
  • Make sure your saddle is the right height
  • Get the right kit:  helmet (worn the right way round), cycling shorts with no underwear underneath (go commando), multi tool kit, spare inner tubes and wheel lever and plenty of food and drink to keep you hydrated and to kill off any hunger pangs
  • Remember to fuel up before a big ride but don't eat too much otherwise you'll feel bloated and sluggish
  • To build stamina, increase the number of minutes you ride for, not the intensity at which you are riding. Don't try and ride as hard as you can - it's better to ride at a comfortable level for longer

So, let’s get started. The first thing to address is pedalling – you want to channel your inner disco Derek. That’s right, think smooth. Everything should be a smooth action. You want to use the full 360 degrees of the pedal stroke, not half.

Also, ensure you have the optimum seat height for maximum efficiency and performance. Here’s some cycling tips from the Global Cycling Network to make you ace at pedalling.

How to Pedal Like a Pro by Global Cycling Network

A complete novice? These top ten tips verge from the sublime (stocking up on food and being prepared for cycle meltdown) to the ridiculous (putting your helmet on the wrong way or getting lost). All should be taken to heart.

Top 10 New Cyclist Mistakes - What Not To Do by the Global Cycling Network

Finally, what about building stamina? Now ensuring that you have a bike might seem slightly daft, but these pointers below from eHowSports are certainly worth bearing in mind. Just don’t forget your bike, yeah? You know, that thing with two wheels that you pedal? Your bike. Yep, your bike.

Bicycling: How to Build Cycling Stamina by eHowSports