There's a feeling that being on your bike gives you that's pretty hard to put into words. That feeling of being limitless. That all possibilities are open to you. That just you and your bike can, with some effort, take on just about anything. If it's hard to put into words, it's almost impossible to put into music.

However, that's exactly what musician Johnny Random has done. And even more impressively, he's one it using only a bike as an instrument.

The composer recorded a bike, broken down into its component parts, being struck, plucked, and played, and created this cycling opus, titled Bespoken.

"a chirpier version of Portishead and Thom York"

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen somebody make music with a bike, but it might be the best. Or at least the most musical. But let's not be all Biggie an Tu Pac about things eh?

Johnny Random essentially tuned his bike to produce different sounds, and then worked his magic to produce a track that sounds a little like a chirpier version of something Portishead and Thom 'The Eraser' York would collaborate to produce.

I that sounds like it's your cup of cake, you can download the track in full from iTunes or Bandcamp now.

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