Do you spend the summer working on how you can cut a few seconds off your very best Strava time? Maybe you look on enviously at the professionals, wondering quite what black magic goes on to make them as good as they are.

Wonder no more as the answer if finally here. Madison took their team out to Majorca for some pre season training, revealing the mystery behind those stunning performances.

Sadly, for those of us who think that if we hope for long enough well improve, the answer seems to lie in good old fashioned hard work. The team put in hours every day, sprinting and climbing all in a bid to be as finely tunes as their bikes come race time.

As yet more grey cloud rolls across the UK, we cant help but be envious of the golden sun that the fellas are enjoying. We're not so sure about those six hour days in the saddle though.

With all this graft, it looks like the coming season could be another excellent one for the fellas at Madison.

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