Photo: YouTube screenshot

Meet Vittorio Brumotti. He’s the trial cycling champion who’s addicted to riding, holds ten different world records, and on a fair few levels, is just absolutely insane.

Take the video below for example. In this feature, Vitto shows off his talents by riding along a railing that hangs 65ft high (the equivalent of 20 of your earth metres) above a cliff drop with views of jaggy rocks and choppy water.

The crazy Italian managed to successfully pull off the stunt of course, and although he did look a little bit wobbly at times to the untrained eye, we’re guessing he probably had it all under control as well.

This is a guy who’s been riding trials since he was 11-years-old after all, and holds records ranging from the most bicycle bounces on one wheel to the fastest time climbing a mountain on two-wheels.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

So, how does he manage his fear then? A man of this calibre must surely have highly developed and professionals methods for calming his nerves?

Well, when it comes to conquering his fear of falling, Vitto just thinks about his worried mother. She’d be distraught if he didn’t make it home for dinner, he says, so falling is not an option.

A wonderful man and a wonderful personality. Someone get this man on British TV.

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