Recently we brought you a disturbing video of a man in Whitechapel, London, having a confrontation with a female cyclist, said to be around 40-years-old, before appearing to push the woman off her bike and straight into the path of oncoming traffic.

The footage was released by Metropolitan Police in a bid to identify the man featured in the video, and shocked most who watched it.

Met Police have confirmed that the man in question, a 33-year-old, voluntarily handed himself in to police at Bethnal Green police station at approximately 1.30pm on Tuesday, identifying himself as the man in the video.

The incident actually took place on May 1, several months ago, but the police only released the video above on Tuesday August 25, and it went viral on social media, with major news outlets across the country running the story.

The video shows a cyclist asking the man in question not to push her off her bike, before the man runs after her further up the road, and appears to push her hard off her bike and onto the road, with cars coming behind.

There is a disturbing scream from the no doubt alarmed and scared cyclist, but thankfully she got away without any major injuries. Police have confirmed that the man who handed himself in has not been arrested, but will be interviewed about the video.