What's radder than cycling 1,000 miles? Cycling 1,000 miles on a GINORMOUS bike, obviously.

Cycling fanatic Rajiv Kumar (who goes by the name Johny) built his 13ft bike himself, before being told that he could not ride it on the roads around his local town in India.

So what did he decide to do? Ride it 1,000 miles to Mumbai instead...


“It took me one and a half years to make the bike and I spent a total of 80,000 rupees (£815) on it." says Johny.

"I do all the work myself. Sometimes friends do help out, but financially it’s all me. Because it’s my hobby, so I only have to do whatever has to be done."

If he manages to ride his invention all the way to Mumbai, he will achieve the Guinness World Record for the first 1,000 mile (1650km) ride between the two cities.

Good luck Johny, we'll all be gunning for you!

(And please, try not to fall off!)