cycling suit 2

cycling suit 2

Do you want to cycle to work but hate the hassle of changing clothes when you get there? Well aren’t you in luck. Owen Scott Bespoke Tailors have a ridiculous solution to your problem.

Let us introduce the ‘cycling business suit’, arguably the worst £495 investment you could ever make.

The idea behind the suit is that you can ride from breakfast to the boardroom without having to change – with the suit featuring trousers and a collar which can be turned up to provide high visibility on the roads.

cycling suit

cycling suit

As you can see, it isn’t exactly the most stylish of looks.

In fact, one of the main selling points for this outfit is that it’s got ‘detachable fluorescent pocket flaps’, a sentence featuring four words which cannot possibly be arranged in any order to make a remotely cool phrase.

Owen Scott seem to have made the suit after becoming ‘inspired’ by the Tour de France, but the company also seem to have forgotten the main reason people change clothes after cycling to work – it can get a bit sweaty.

Unless this stunning new invention has also got some kind of magical sweat prevention mechanism, we won’t be making the purchase just yet.

If you do love looking like a bit of a tool and sitting sweatily in a boardroom though, this may be just the product to turn your life around.

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