bike rack fail 13

A bike rack is not meant to be a work of art. A bike rack is meant to provide a safe place for which to leave your bike.

That’s why it makes us squint our eyes, angle our eyebrows and smash our heads ruthlessly off the nearest wooden surface whenever someone manages to mess up the construction of one of these oh-so-basic structures.

See, there’s a tried and tested design behind most bike racks. The U-shaped piece of metal that you see sticking out of the ground around the United Kingdom and beyond? It’s not pretty, no, but it works. It does what we need.

What we don’t need is random pieces of metal sticking out from our pavements that serve not as a bike rack, nor anything else – which is why we’ve been slowly shaking our heads upon hearing that after building a bike rack unusable for more than a couple of bikes, London Council are now trying to pass their failure off as “public art".

Now, maybe we’re missing something. So, please take a look at the photograph below and let us know whether or not you think it looks like a piece of art. It’s no Damien Hirst, is it?

Bike rack fail 1 london

Speaking to The Tottenham Independent, Haringey Council said: “following public consultation about making a range of improvements to Wood Green High Road, it was agreed that old bike racks should be recycled to create a decorative feature at this location."

You’ve almost got to admire their grit for accepting that their bike rack doesn’t work and continuing to back its existence. Almost.

Anyway, this disgrace to mankind made us think that there must be some other pretty damn terrible bike racks out their too. And we weren’t wrong, either. Feast your eyes on these atrocities...

1) The Chain

bike rack fail 3

2) The Spacious

bike rack fail 7

3) The Worst Bike Rack in Portland

bike rack fail 10

4) The Plant Pot Rack

bike rack fail 8

5) The Tree-ly Awful

B&N bike rack

6) The Supportive

bike rack fail 16

7) The Rusty

bike rack fail 14

8) Seriously?

bike rack fail 12

9) The Chaotic

bike rack fail 13

10) The Footpath

bike rack fail 6

11) The Confusing

bike rack fail 5

12) The Solo-Purpose Rack

bike rack fail 4

13) The Wall

bike rack fail 2

14) The Hope-You've-Got-A-Propstand

bike rack fail 15

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