Le Tour de France 2012 - Stage Twenty

Le Tour de France 2012 - Stage Twenty

Sir Bradley Wiggins recently took to the telebox for the Graham Norton News Year’s Eve Show, and the cyclist unveiled the answer to the question many have been wondering for years – do road cyclists piss themselves when they need to go mid-race?

Sir Bradley admitted that it is often the best option when nature comes calling, but only when you’re riding through the camouflage of rain.

“You just have to get it out," he said. “There’s a race in March called Milan-San Remo... which goes from Milan to Sanremo, and it is 300km long, which is about seven hours. You’ve got to have a wee in seven hours!


“If it’s raining you do it in your shorts, and if it’s freezing cold it warms your legs up too.

“[Otherwise] you just stop and pull your kecks down where there’s no one around!"

Amongst other things, the rider also discussed his wife on the show, the build up to his final road race – the Paris-Roubaix in April – and what cartoon characters he thinks are sexy.

He went for She-Ra, the Princess of Power, and Cheetara, the ThunderCat, in case you were wondering.

Wigo cartoons

Wigo cartoons

Once all that important stuff was dealt with though, Bradley also had some interesting stuff to say about his Tour de France win from 2012, admitting – rather unsurprisingly – that it wasn’t an entirely enjoyable experience.

The rider continued: “When you do something for three weeks, day in and day out, then you get to the finish in Paris, you don’t really realise what you’ve done. Because in some ways you just want to get home.

“For me it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. When I look back it was incredible but during it I wasn’t enjoying it every day.

bradley wiggins 2012 yellow

bradley wiggins 2012 yellow

“I crossed the line and they said ‘you’ve won the Tour de France’ and I was kind of like ‘oh yeah, I forgot about that. Nice one.’"

Wiggins, who recently signed his final contract extension with Team Sky, will now gear up for his last competitive road race before turning his eye to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Best of luck Wiggo, and thanks for clearing up those bladder-based conundrums!

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