When you think of free running, you probably picture moody Parisian teens dressed like somebody from Assassins Creed, or surprisingly charming Vegans called Timothy. What you don't expect, is a dude rolling around some woodland on a road bike.

And yes, we've all got a mate who'll claim that he did picture that, just like he claimed he worked out it was Kevin Spacey's character all along in Usual Suspects. (Everybody's got a mate like that. And if you haven't, it's probably you. Stop it).

This sick little edit, that sees stunt rider Max Schrom rolling around a wood, before heading to a skate park and a town centre, strictly speaking, isn't parkour. It's more akin to something you'd see our old pal Danny MacAskill doing on his trial bike. However, it'd take an Atomic Pedant to suggest this is anything less than awesome.

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