He's more used to ripping around trails and hitting massive dirt jumps, but Sam Pilgrim proves he's at home on pretty much any terrain. Even tearing around the rain soaked streets of London on Boris Bikes.

Anybody that's had the pleasure of riding one of the rental bikes in the nations capital will tell you that, for all of their pluses, they're pretty heavy, and incredibly slow.

But Pilgrim and his pals made it look like child's play, whipping out manuals, blasting up and down stairs, and generally dicking about with glee. They even dropped in to ride the famous banks of the South Bank skate park.

So, if this going to become a trend now? Will commuters be dropping endless wheelies on their way to work? Maybe Boris Bikes will be used in the Sam Pilgrim invitational next year. They could even rope BoJo in to have a bash himself. Fingers crossed.

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