Strava have released a new safety feature called Beacon which allows premium users to share real-time location data with friends and family.

Beacon can be turned on before a ride and, once enabled, will send a text message with a URL to up to three designated contacts, who can then view the rider's location on a map.

Strava Beacon


"Every athlete wants to be safe, and we felt we could help," said Aaron Forth, Strava's chief product officer. “We’re so proud to introduce Beacon, not only because our community and their loved ones have been asking for it, but also because Beacon adds a new dimension to Strava premium.

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"Whether you are training regularly, commuting back and forth, or heading out for the occasional workout, we’re confident that all types of athletes will find Beacon valuable."


Strava Beacon is designed to offer peace and mind for loved ones, who can use it to see where you are if you are out riding longer than expected, or if you've unexpectedly stopped.

Strava's senior product manager, Ethan Hollinshead, added: "Let’s say it’s 3:30, you said you’d be home at 3:00 and you’re not moving towards home. That’s a good indication that they should reach out to you and see what’s up.


"Maybe you stopped for a coffee, or maybe you got a flat tire. Where it’s really designed to help the cyclist or runner is in that peace of mind scenario – to keep people from unnecessarily worrying about you."

Beacon is available now for Strava premium members with Strava v4.22.00 or later. Premium membership costs £3.99 a month or £39.99 a year.

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