Photo: YouTube

Another day, and another amazing action cam video of a motorist absolutely losing his shit at a cyclist.

The incident was sparked when the motorist passed a cyclist on the road with, judging by the video, just a couple of centimetres between them. Clearly equally shocked and furious, the guy on the bike shouts "Is that close enough?!" as the diver carried on down the suburban road.

Photo: YouTube

After the cyclist gave chase, the two start having an increasingly aggressive conversation.  The driver of the car, played by a character from Channel 4's Bo' Selecta, does little to keep things calm by asking questions like "Are you a fucking tank?" and insisting "You're lucky I didn't hit you", before adding "I'll fucking kill you".

"Are you a car? No. You're a f*cking little bicycle"

After a heated exchange, the driver gets out of the car an appears to try to take one of the cameras on the cyclists that's recorded the incident. The quick-witted bloke on the bike decided it's time to get out of harms way, and cycles off.


The driver then gives chase, but his running ability is a little rustier than his angry cockney swearing skills, and while giving chase, he takes a tumble, landing squarely on his head.

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