Photoshop Froome

Amongst other things, you’d expect a women’s cycling tour to promote a pro-feminist view, so it’ll have come as a surprise to many to see bikini-clad ‘podium girls’ lined up as the winners of the Flanders Diamond Tour were presented with their prizes.

Certainly, the internet wasn’t happy with the situation, which largely overshadowed Jolien D’Hoore’s victory for Wiggle-Honda on the back of a six-week break from action.

Journalist Marijn de Vries was first to comment on the set up, sparking outrage on Twitter after posting the photograph below and branding the event an ‘utter disgrace’.

The Lotto Cycling Cup quickly tweeted back to Marijn to distance itself from the incident and claim that it was in fact down to local organisation, but you would expect them to at least check over any plans for their event before they are put into action.

The ‘podium girls’ were there not only at the presentation time either, but reportedly also walking around the VIP area throughout the race.

The following photoshop of Chris Froome from Anna Zivarts really highlighted just how ridiculous the whole situations was...

ITV commentator Ned Boulting meanwhile assured fans that there would be nothing of the sort going on when the Aviva Women’s Tour hits Britain this week.

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