unicycle football

American Football is a pretty tough sport – something that those involved like to help you remember by Facebooking their protein shakes or Facebooking their gym routine or Facebooking the fact that they feel very insecure at night and won’t be able to sleep unless you ‘like’ their motivational quote.

So, how do you make a fast-paced, technically-challenging, physically-brutal sport even more difficult? You make them do it on unicycles of course!

What does it all involve then? For a start, an absolute sh*tload of falling off unicycles. Tackling while falling off your one-wheeler seems like fair game, you can jump off the cycle to catch the ball, you’ll probably fall off after you’ve kicked a punt and there’s a good chance you’re going to fall off at some point anyway – because you’re on a unicycle next to a bunch of folk with a football.

The most impressive thing in our minds has to be the balance shown by the riders/players in-game. The guys seem to stare at the ball or stare at their routes without really having to concentrate on staying on the bike. It must’ve taken a lot of practice to get that good on the unicycle... and even so, the hits can be HUGE:

The sport was created in Texas back in 2007 by a guy called Marcus Garland. It’s played in an old car park, with four quarters to a game and six points for a touchdown, but with only five players per team – and plays can only be made while on the unicycle. If you’re off your bike while you’ve got the ball, the play comes to an end.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? And you’ve not even heard the best bit yet. Instead of a coin toss to decide who starts the game, the rules demand a unicycle joust. Yes, you read that right.

We may have only just discovered this sport this morning, but dammit, it’s quickly becoming one of our favourite...

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