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Video: Motorbike Stalls At Red Hook Criterium Finals In Brooklyn And Causes Huge Road Cycling Crash

Cyclists hospitalised after motorbike stalls during New York event.

Screenshot: YouTube.
Screenshot: YouTube.

Here at Mpora, we've seen our fair share of crashes. Computer crashes, internet crashes, Crash Bandicoot crashes, and even a fair few road cycling crashes. But, honestly, we doubt we've ever seen a crash as insane as this one that happened in Brooklyn over the weekend (see below for two different angles of the incident which occurred during the Red Hook Criterium Finals).

The incident occurred when the pace-setting motorcyclist, who was meant to be riding ahead of the field and y'know...setting the pace, stalled at one of the race's narrowest sections. Unable to get his motorbike starting again, the biker resorted to flashing his lights in a desperate bid to warn the racers of his presence.

As you're about to see for yourself, the flashing light tactic doesn't even come close to working. One cyclist hits the motorcyclist at speed and, within seconds, everything has collapsed around him like a pyramid of playing cards on a windy day. 100% pure chaos.

While a few of the cyclists were taken to hospital with relatively minor injuries, we're happy to report that no one suffered from anything life-threatening. And with that ever so reassuring nugget of information nestled into the back of your skull, we feel like you're now officially allowed to laugh at this ludicrous slice of slapstick comedy.

The motorcyclist, it's fair to say, has probably had better days at the office.

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