Rubik’s cubes are stupid. It’s meant to be a game; something you indulge in for your own personal enjoyment. But tell me this, fine Mpora reader, when was the last time you invited a mate around to play with your Rubik’s cube? It sounds more like a euphemism than something that would feasibly happen in the modern world.

Maybe we’re just bitter because we were never able to solve a Rubik’s cube. Maybe we’re just sad because we asked Santa for one in 1974, and he delivered us eight of those ball-in-cup things instead. Why eight? Who knows. Anyway, one way to make a Rubik’s cube infinitely more exciting is to take it out on a bike – because, get this, then instead of just holding a colourful cube, you’ll be cycling.

That’s exactly what ‘Cubing’ enthusiast Simone Santarsiero recently got up to in Hyde Park, London, managing to solve a Rubik’s Cube one-handed while riding a Boris Bike in less than 40 seconds. Way to make us look bad Simone...

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