vitto 1

Vittorio Brumotti is a trials biking legend. He’s won numerous titles, holds ten different world levels, and he bears a stunning resemblance to Italy and ex-Juventus midfielder Andrea Pirlo, which is always a good thing.

When he’s not breaking records or winning competitions and the hearts of the human race though, Vittorio likes to showcase his madness through the art of film.

Specifically, the rider was inspired by Martyn Ashton’s amazing ‘Road Bike Party’ series, which sees the British cyclist stomp some crazy freestyle tricks on a shiny road rig. Brumotti dropped his own take on the idea, ‘Road Bike Freestyle’, last year, and he’s just dropped a follow up which will literally (not literally) blow your mind.

Our favourite part of this has to be the abandoned airfield Vittorio takes on – it’s just crying out for a bike edit – but that front flip at the start as well? Ooft. There are more tight moves on show here than there were at the Mpora Christmas party.

There’s a reason the Italian is known as “100% Brumotti", and we can tell you one thing for sure; it’s not because he puts in 99% every time he gets out on two-wheels.

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