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What would you do if you saw someone trying to steal your bike? Would you shout at them? Call the police? Talk to them politely? Throw a brick or twelve in their general direction?

Well, cyclist Travis Ames was put in exactly that position in Austin, Texas recently when he left a “Whataburger" to find someone trying to climb on his wheels.

It would seem that under the circumstances, Travis went through a series of different emotions:

  • First attacking the thief
  • Secondly wrestling with the thief
  • Thirdly trying to reason with the thief
  • ...and fourthly, fist bumping the thief

“Honestly, I didn’t want to be in that situation," said Travis in the comments of the Instagram video which shows the incident, below.

bike thief attack 2

“Had my last bike stolen 4 months ago from the same Whataburger. I guess I was just kind of over the whole stealing bikes thing.

“Riding is what I do. It's my vehicle. He was probably about 40 going on 70. I wish him peace and love and happiness.

“I'm sorry I had to rough him up a little. I feel bad about it. Maybe next time I'll politely ask the thief to get off my bike instead of throwing him off. Once you put a man on the ground and he then starts swinging at you for it you kinda have to put him on the ground again."

bike thief attack 3

Despite the original incident then, it looks like Travis is actually a lot more sympathetic than a lot of bike riders would be in similar circumstances... Here's the footage of the event:

Don't steal bikes bro...or Travis will kick your ass @gilmergreen @tkarmes #fastfolks #fastordie #dontstealbikes #biketheif

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