Every budding road cyclist or even intermittent bike-owner has been there. You’re cycling along, keeping to the side as much as possible like the polite, thoughtful legend that you are, and then a van appears behind you which is in a bit of a hurry.

Now, before you’ve even turned around to look at this thing, you already know that’s it’s a van. A big white van with something about ceramics or flowers or a big fat supermarket brand on the side probably. A quick look over your shoulder confirms this, and what’s more, it shows you the fire in the driver's eyes.

This driver needs to be somewhere. He hates that you, as a cyclist, exist. This driver is out to let you know that you’re a hazard on the road by cutting you off, overtaking in the wrong lane and risking crashing into everything and everyone else in sight in the process. Like, for example, the dude in the video below...

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