FREE WHEELS EAST - Two Men. Seven Continents. No Aeroplanes. One Very Unusual Journey. from The Big Sky on Vimeo.

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Photo: Free Wheels East

Free Wheels East cycle watch full film free

Free Wheels East is the inspirational story of two cousins who left society behind to seek out adventure – aiming to become the first people ever to cycle on each continent without the use of an airplane.

Carrying just the basic equipment and without any serious training, Jamie Mackenzie and Ben Wylson left their jobs and home behind in Britain to set off on the open road.

The events that followed involved near-death experiences, hospital-time, travels on drug-smuggling boats and rides through everything from dry desert to the ice of Antarctica.

Photo: Free Wheels East

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“When we set out we didn’t know if we’d be away for one year or ten," Ben told Mpora, ahead of our feature-length article on Free Wheels East.

“We didn’t buy into the usual ways of society – it all just seemed so pointless. Why dredge on with the usual ways when you can be out there exploring the world?"

The story of Free Wheels East is sure to get you inspired to travel.

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