Road cycling is great and all, but let’s not lie, the most memorable moments of a race are often based around violence, whether that be a crash, or in this particular case, an all out brawl between two of the competitors.

This footage comes from riled-up roadies Joann Ruffine of AS Baie-Mahault and Velo Club Grand Case rider Ludovic Turpin on stage six of the Tour de Guadeloupe late last week.

Joann's windmill-of-fury technique isn’t the greatest offensive effort...

Basically, after a crash, Joann seemed to lose his mind and start frantically swinging at Ludovic. You don’t have to be Floyd Mayweather Jnr. to realise that his windmill-of-fury technique isn’t the greatest offensive effort, but it certainly makes for an entertaining watch.

Ruffine later apologised and was fined a full 100 Swiss france – about £65 – for his efforts. Turpin didn’t get fined, but he later packed it in anyway, claiming that he’d been repeatedly insulted by the home crowd. After watching the video above, we don’t have too much trouble believing him either...

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