London 2012 Olympic road racing champion Alexandre Vinokourov stopped by the World Junior Track Championships in Astana, Khazakstan last week, and happened to capture one of the worst crashes we’ve ever seen in a velodrome while filming on Instagram.

Вот это жесткий спорт ! К счастью все обошлось благополучно . This is a tough sport ! Astana World Championship Junior 19-23.08 . #astanachampionships#astanaproteam #proteamastana #vino4ever #vinokurovalexandr #

A video posted by Alexandr Vinokurov (@alexandrvinokurov) on

The Astana general manager posted the clip to his social media page with the caption “This is a tough sport", and it’s safe to say that proclamation was somewhat of an understatement.

After two riders appear to collide, they’re sent flying through the air, and such is the speed of the sport that it dooms all those behind them to a similar fate, with various others going head over handlebars and bikes being sent bouncing metres in the air.

If you thought track cycling was tame... think again. Fingers crossed that all the riders got out of this one at least relatively unharmed.

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