If you melted down the minds of Salvador Dali, Matt Hoffman, Danny Macaskill and Bradley Wiggins, mixed them all together, and then got someone to drink the liquid brains straight from a cauldron; there's a fair chance that, apart from arousing some serious police suspicion, the person who drank the crimson broth would be struck down by a number of highly surreal, mostly bike-based, hallucinations.

Fueled by their new favourite drink, this person would spend hours at their bike-shaped desk, drawing bikes with their bike-shaped pencils, and generally getting mired in trippy, abstract, visions of all things bike. They'd wear bike-shaped hats, eat bike-shaped crisps, and make love to their bike-shaped girlfriend/boyfriend/bike.

Photo: laughingsquid.com/Gadgetify, The Awesomer.

When it all got too much for them, and it would, they'd look up at the moon and say:

"Bikey (Crikey) mate! Things are getting weird. I wish I'd never drank the melted down brains of three legendary bike riders and one famous surrealist painter. I should have known that this would happen. I should have known."

We're not saying, categorically, that this is the true story behind artist Ron Schroer's monstrous, penny-farthing-with-legs, creation. We're merely speculating; speculating that Schroer drank human brain, went completely insane, and put a number of hours into building the most ridiculous bike the world has ever seen.

The Boneshaker Big Wheel is a wooden kinetic sculpture that combines the big front wheel of a penny farthing with a "walking" drive system inspired by the sculptural work of Theo Jansen. Whether Schroer has been drinking human brain or not, I think we can say, without reprisal, that this is the strangest bike in history.

Photo: laughingsquid.com/Gadgetify, The Awesomer.

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