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This picture may be a notorious fake, but Heath Ledger actually did skate...

Oh celebrities, celebrities. They'll do anything to give themselves some street cred. Even taking up skateboarding.

We've put together a collection of celeb skaters - some totally legit like 15-year-old Jodie Foster or Heath Ledger here (who knew!) But then there's also the not-so-rad Justin Bieber, errrrr... Miley Cyrus giving it a go.

Have a look for yourself. Some of them are pretty surprising...


Now he's strutting about topless in a Sydney skatepark and failing to land a kickflip while simultaneously trying to not ruin his new tattoo. What a douche.



We couldn't believe this one was for real either, but the late Heath Ledger has been skating since he was a kid.

Growing up in Australia, you are pretty much conditioned to surf and skate from a young age. It was only when Heath got a part in the 2003 skate movie, Lords of Dogtown, that the world got to see his skills on a board.

"He could definitely carve it better than any of the actors [in Lords of Dogtown] could."

Skate photographer Griffin Collins told ESPN he'd witnessed Heath's talents for himself. "It didn't matter if his costume was flip-flops, he'd just be in wardrobe shredding the pool. He could definitely carve it better than any of the actors [in Lords of Dogtown] could.  Any time we were out skating he'd grab a board and jam with us..."

And he wasn't wrong. It's enough to even make this arguably fake behind the scenes shot of The Dark Knight look remotely legit...

katharine hepburn

katharine hepburn

Even before we saw this epic shot, we knew Katharine Hepburn was rad.

After all, she loved sport, wore trousers long before other women did, won four Oscars for Best Actress, shunned Hollywood publicity and lived to the grand ol' age of 96.

So the fact that she's skating at that age just makes her doubly cool. Apparently these photos were taken of Hepburn when her nephew Jack Grant convinced her to give it a try. What a badass!

katharine hepburn skateboarding

katharine hepburn skateboarding

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

This is a sight we didn't need to see. Apparently this skateboard was being "clutched after a birthday weekend away with Kristin Stewart". We'd say it's another sad "clutching at some form of street cred" attempt.

It's got to be - you can tell he's never really ridden it cos of how pristine the graphic is.

Pattinson told the Washington Post he only started learning to skate aged 26 (nothing wrong with that) but the studio executives wouldn't let him skate before then because of injuring his precious bod!



Pink had the potential to be cool - but it all went horribly wrong somewhere around 2000 when she replaced the 'i' in her name with an exclamation mark.

Anyone who describes themselves "extreme" (yep, we're not making it up) is in no way made to be a skater.

John Lennon

John Lennon

Say wha? Yep, this one shocked us too. But apparently John Lennon, being the all-round radical dude that he is, took to a skateboard now and again in the 1960s.

At least we think he did. While the photo above looks legit, the other shot we found of him supposedly "taken during a break from filming Help in 1965" looks about as real as that one of Kim Jong Il looking "alive and well" after he'd been hospitalised.

Still, imagine eh? (Sorry, that's a terrible joke...)



[part title="Zac Efron"]

This one is too much. What the hell was Zac Efron thinking? There are too many things that are wrong with this photo to even know where to start.

Did he think the beanie and glasses combo was really going to fool everyone?

This isn't even a one-off occurrence. Zac has a bit of skating around California topless, not unlike Justin Bieber. Unsurprisingly, his fans go mad for this shiz.

If you want a real laugh, check out the Daily Mail article on the incident. They've even gone into great depth about the contents of his shopping basket....

[part title="Jake Gyllenhaal"]


Not another, I hear you cry. Yep, the Donnie Darko star Jake Gyllenhaal is also a member of the Hollywood skate posse.

Here anyway, he appears to have chucked in the private limos for a more modest mode of transport. Well, either that or he's desperately trying to be cool.

[part title="Jodie Foster"]


She may be an award-winning Hollywood actress, Yale University graduate and mother of two kids but like Katharine Hepburn, she can rip on a skateboard.

This is Jodie aged 15 back in 1977, rocking some awesome bell bottom jeans and looking extremely composed on her board.

Our friends at Kingpin Mag thought this shot was so cool they put it on a t-shirt and we'd have to agree Jodie is pretty frickin' rad.

She's even got a Californian punk band named after her called Jodie Foster's Army.