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If your family's anything like mine, you'll have had your share of crap Christmas gifts.

I perfected the art of the forced smile a long time ago, round about the same time that my great aunt Ethel gave me Snakes & Ladders. I was 17.

In her defence, Ethel bless her was losing it a little bit at the time. But this year there's no excuse for bad presents - if you're a skateboarder simply show your loved ones this list and you're away!

And if they've bought stuff already? Well, most places have a returns policy right?


Skate shoes don't come much more classic than this - with Vans' trademark waffle sole and a comfy, slip-on design, these are perfect not just for skating, but for kicking around the town in.

You can get them in a wide variety of colours from most decent high street stores.


Stefan Janoski's laidback style and silky skills have helped make earn a reputation as a skater's skateboarder, but his signature Nike SB shoe has gone way bigger than that - it's one of the best-selling skate shoes ever.

This is his signature deck, a damn fine piece of 7-ply from Habitat.



5-Panel caps are still the one really - and they definitely need to be patterned.

Some of the tribal prints out there are borderline garish, but this almost floral pattern gets it just about right we reckon.



This t-shirt from American brand Inspire is billed as unisex, so put away your prejudices about pink.

Inspire-d (see what did there?) by classic American baseball designs, it's a cool-looking bit of kit.



Volcom's Chili Chocker jeans are a great take on the dark denim staple.

With double reinforced seams, these are designed to take a battering, while keeping you looking cool.

They're a slim fit.



Palace skateboards have done a roaring trade in clothing recently - you see their triangular logo everywhere.

Whether you rock this ironically or not, it's a big two-fingered salute to the way society perceives skaters. Bonus points if you wear it in Norwich, where the local council is trying to make skateboarding a crime...



This rad little device will make filming your mates on your phone way more fun. It's four lenses in one, meaning your camera can film in 10x macro, 15x macro, wide-angle and, crucially for skateboard shots, fish-eye.

Of course they can also help you mix up your stills photography too, and they're available for pretty much any phone.



It doesn't feature the latest lines or the sickest combos, but this for us was the skateboard film of the year.

A documentary, it tells the tragic tale of Ben and Tas Pappas two Australian brothers who were the number 1 and 2 vert skaters in the world in the late 90s before drugs, murder and suicide took their toll.

Excellently filmed and unflinching in its coverage, this is a once in a generation skate flick. You can read our review here.



Skate and streetwear brand Kr3w crank out some classy-looking stuff and this simple black beanie is no exception.

You can of course get this in a variety of other colours too.



This cruiser complete is a little bit of skate history. Designed by Stacey Peralta's brand and featuring Mike McGill's (aka the man who invented the McTwist's) signature graphic it will bring some proper old-school flavour to your quiver.

Whether you want to shred a bowl or just cruise down to the shops, the 60mm will make your ride nice and smooth.