1) You Played With Tech Decks

Photo: Pinterest.com.

Tech Deck


2) You Listened To The Offspring

Image: tanakamusic.com.


 3) You Played The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Games

Photo: museumofplay.org.


4) Your Sworn Enemy Were The "Binline" Skaters

Photo: marathonandsprint.wordpress.com.


5) You Owned A Chain Wallet

Photo: BuzzFeed.com.

Wallet Chain


6) You Got Called A "Dirty Greebo" By This Lot

Photo: sharenator.com.


7) Your Clothes Were Seriously Baggy

Photo: fashiongrunge.com.

Baggy Clothes - Skateboard.


8) Your Shoes Were Bigger Than Your House

Photo: veganskateblog.com.


9) You Had Top Banter With The Junk Food Guys

Photo: drownedinsound.com.


10) You Rolled Your Own

Photo: astonsofmanchester.co.uk.


11) Your Portable Music Player Looked Like This

Photo: galleryhip.com.


12) You Had Hair Like Kurt Cobain

Photo: spin.com.


13) You Were A Public Nuisance

Photo: manchestereveningnews.co.uk.


14) You Had A Persecution Complex

Photo: balconyshirts.co.uk.

Skateboarding Is Not A Crime


15) You Were A Real Dick To Your Parents

Photo: BBC/Harry Enfield.

Harry Enfield as Kevin The Teenager. Bolshie adolescent Kevin the Teenager is in danger of getting a reputation as a goody-goody as his creator Harry Enfield has today, Thursday August 10th 2000, proffered his services for a second worthy cause in a week. The Department for Education and Employment has enlisted the surly comic character in a drive to persuade 16-year-olds to stay on at school. He was launching Kevin's Crew, a group of teenagers who will tour England spending three weeks on the road visiting 22 towns and cities to get across the Government's Don't Quit Now message. See PA Story EDUCATION Kevin. PA Handout Photo.


16) You Weren't That Good At Skateboarding

Photo: strangedangers.com.

Skateboard Fail

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