1) You Played With Tech Decks

Photo: Pinterest.com.


2) You Listened To The Offspring

Image: tanakamusic.com.


 3) You Played The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Games

Photo: museumofplay.org.


4) Your Sworn Enemy Were The "Binline" Skaters

Photo: marathonandsprint.wordpress.com.


5) You Owned A Chain Wallet

Photo: BuzzFeed.com.


6) You Got Called A "Dirty Greebo" By This Lot

Photo: sharenator.com.


7) Your Clothes Were Seriously Baggy

Photo: fashiongrunge.com.


8) Your Shoes Were Bigger Than Your House

Photo: veganskateblog.com.


9) You Had Top Banter With The Junk Food Guys

Photo: drownedinsound.com.


10) You Rolled Your Own

Photo: astonsofmanchester.co.uk.


11) Your Portable Music Player Looked Like This

Photo: galleryhip.com.


12) You Had Hair Like Kurt Cobain

Photo: spin.com.


13) You Were A Public Nuisance

Photo: manchestereveningnews.co.uk.


14) You Had A Persecution Complex

Photo: balconyshirts.co.uk.


15) You Were A Real Dick To Your Parents

Photo: BBC/Harry Enfield.


16) You Weren't That Good At Skateboarding

Photo: strangedangers.com.

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