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Nose Manual

Nose Manual

If you've ever so much as set foot on a skateboard you'll know exactly how difficult it is to pull off a decent manual for even just a few seconds.

It's not like it's a technical trick, or at complex in any way. All you really need is some speed, decent bearings and a relatively good sense of balance. But it's fiendishly difficult to get right.

"It's fiendishly difficult to get manuals right."

Most people would applaud a 5-second manual. Hell I'd be chuffed with three seconds.

These guys, however, have got it dialled - they're smashing out huge manuals for fun. You won't believe some of the distances they're riding!

[part title="Ali Kermani's Mental Nose Manual"]

It seems Ali Kermani is a bit of a big shot in the world of manuals.

Nose manuals are even more difficult to master than tail ones, let alone ride one for over two and a half minutes!

His front leg must be burning up.

[part title="3 minutes 25 seconds..."]

Matthew Williams is the name. Manualling far is the game. Three minutes and 25 seconds is getting on a bit. Still, there are longer...

[part title="3:34 Nose Manual"]

If you can manual 2058 feet then you must have legs of steel. But to nose manual 2058 feet you must be superhuman. This is crazy!

[part title="5:30"]

In the time it takes this guy to manual from start to finish, you could have put the kettle on, watched the kettle boil, made a brew and settled down for some late-night telly.

Five and a half minutes and 950m later and it's touchdown and supposedly (they reckon) a new world record. Well, it was until this happened...

[part title="Tom Dupee 965m"]

Tom Dupee is really good at pulling manuals, and he's also really committed to breaking manual records.

That's why he spent the best part of two days trying to nail this.

He might have only beaten the previous record by 15m but it's a victory nonetheless!

[part title="Jostein Spjoetvold, 1200m"]

Check this out - he takes two attempts and after pulling off a mind-boggling 1050m manual the first time, he's fuming with himself. That's why he then goes and smashes out a 1200m wheelie on the second attempt!

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