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Sergio Yuppie Hill Bombing Slide

Sergio Yuppie Hill Bombing Slide

Hill Bombing has been around for as long as the skateboard. It might not be the most 'legit' skate thing to do (I mean you often need a longboard for starters) but let's face it, who doesn't love the sensation of speed?

That said, not everyone is as crazy as these nutters. Some of them are getting up to 70mph. And at that speed, it takes a special kind of crazy person to go toe-to-toe with traffic, face-to-face with pot holes and, in some special cases, head-to-road.

Of course, that makes for some pretty spectacular footage. Which is why we've scoured the internet for some A-grade footage of these speed freaks in action.

There's no room for error either, as shown by these guys, which makes it all the more terrifying. Watch and learn.

[part title="The South African Traffic Dodger"]

Running late after work? South African Paul Soper has a nifty way of beating the rush hour.

Riding this close to traffic at that speed is just insane, and check out that power slide at 1:07, crazy!

[part title="Death Wobble Overload"]

This guy is clearly a newbie to the sport, rocking up in shorts, t-shirt and glasses. There's not much he can do once the onset of death wobble takes hold. I'm not sure if he missed the oncoming car by skill or by luck to be honest?

[part title="Levi Hawken Pulls His Jeans Up in NZ"]

This guy is crazy. For proof, just look at the slope he hits at 3:29 - absolutely huge! He hasn't even got a lid on, and the jacket in the intro is very suspect - wouldn't want to fall over and ruin that lovely thing now, would we?

[part title="Brazil Goes Nuts for Hill Bombing"]

The Brazilian town of Teutonia is home to the World Longboarding Championships each year where speed freaks from around the world gather to throw themselves down one huge slope, hitting speeds of 70mph.

Wouldn't want to get death wobble in this event (or ever, for that matter). Just check out the double wipeout a 3:01!

[part title="All Hail the King"]

Who duct tapes beer cans to their helmets to go Hill Bombing? Sergio Yuppie does, obviously.

He's the self anointed King of Downhill Slide - a position I don't envisage many people denying. Anyone who goes to those lengths just so they can make sparks fly as they go deserves to rule the world in my opinion!

"Who duct tapes beer cans to their helmets to go Hill Bombing? Sergio Yuppie does, obviously."

By the looks of the footage, he's a bit of a jack of all trades as well. The man was clearly born to skate.

[part title="Drop Hills, Not Bombs"]

This guy refers to himself as the Suicide Hill Bomber. An apt name for a man that sits on his knees and flies head first towards oncoming traffic.

The man has a death wish, surely.

[part title="Hill Bombing's Worst Nightmare"]

No man can call himself a hill bomber until he has slammed his face on the floor after suffering the dreaded death wobble. It is inevitable and if you've tried riding down a hill I'm sure you've done it.

But you should thank your lucky stars you haven't done it as badly as these guys!

Don's miss the classic bail at 1:12.

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