In the age of the internets there's an app for pretty much everything - and that includes skating.

Although fun doesn't get much simpler than rolling around on a piece of wood with wheels, it's surprising how a carefully crafted app can add the icing the skateboarding cake.

With that in mind, here are 7 apps that'll turn your phone into your favourite skating buddy and the best bit? They're all free.

Know Skateboarding

Android and iPhone

Know Skateboarding app 2

Know Skateboarding puts the big wide world of skating slap bang in the palm of your hand.

With regularly updated videos from YouTube and all over the web, daily news and Twitter updates, Instagram photos and the latest from The Berrics, contests and other events coverage you'll always be in the know about the latest in skating.

Of course, you could always just visit your favourite website instead...

Line Dice


Line Dice Screen 2

Billed as skate dice on steroids, Line Dice takes this idea a step further letting you combine different sets of dice into complete new lines. With three difficulty settings and an eight trick challenge from Stevie Williams thrown in, this app should make sure that no day at the park is ever dull.

The School Of Skate

Android and iPhone 


Covering everything from your first ollie to switch trey flipping down stair sets, TSO features step by step instructions and video from P-Rod for each trick along with a simple colour coded system to help you keep track of your progress.

With new tricks and sets from a variety of pros as well, this app lets you learn from the best for free.

Skateboard Logo Wallpaper


Skate Logos app 2

For all the label lovers out there, here's an app to give a little flavour to your phone. Featuring 170 top skate brands including the likes of Enjoi, Flip and Girl, this app lets you create a personalised skate logo backdrop for use as your home or lock screen.

With a range of background patterns and colours and the ability to tweak everything from the logo size and positioning to vignetting and opacity you can explore your creative side too.

Skate Pop Trivia


Skate pop trivia

Here's one for those idle moments waiting for the rain to clear. Skate Pop Trivia taxes your brain with quizzes on the history of skate culture from as far back as the 80s right up to the present.

With thousands of questions on everything from skate videos, history and magazine covers to shoes, brand logos and tricks you can test your knowledge against other people world wide to see who is the king of the skateboard nerds.


Android and iPhone


Spotdigger is a skate spot locator that helps you find top new places to shred near you. From local gems to iconic locations Spotdigger lets you rate everything from the run up and run out to the best time of day to hit each spot and what the lighting is like, meaning that you know what to look forward to before your deck even hits the street.

The obvious downfall is that not everyone wants to give away their best spots

This is a great app for teaching you more about your local area or to give you the heads up on a new city you're cruising through and with a global spot feed you can watch as users update the app with the best places to skate in their area.

Of course the obvious downfall is that not everyone wants to give away their best spots, but you'd be surprised how many there are on here...

Nike SB



With a big name like Nike behind an app your expectations should be pretty high and this one doesn't disappoint, aiming to create a global online skate community.

The app's Skatewire feature puts you in touch with other skaters and lets you answer challenges from the pros. You can pick any challenge you like, watch other skater's submissions, learn the trick from a pro skater using the SB Trick Tree then film and upload your best efforts with the chance of getting featured on the app's homepage.

On top of that you can play S.K.A.T.E against opponents from around the globe, uploading 10 second trick clips to show who's the boss and earn followers along the way.

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