stair rover

We've seen a fair few wacky inventions in our time, but this rising the rankings. Introducing the Stair Rover, an eight wheeled skateboard designed to roll down stairs.

stair rover

We're not going to argue with anyone creating a smoother ride on a skateboard. Supposedly the 'thermoplastic chassis' on this board gives you a "butter-smooth ride" but tackling stairs? It just seems.... wrong.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.06.33

I'm sure the 'thermoplastic chassis' would make no difference if you approached the steps at high speed - it's not going to prevent you landing face-first on the kerb.

You can see that they've tried to up the board's street cred by going for the Apple-style cool and minimalist approach. It hasn't fooled us. I think we can already picture what kind of skater this would appeal to.

These guys aren't the first of their kind. You only need to take a look at these bizarre ways people have tried to reinvent the skateboard to see how abstract the world's skate population can be!

How does it ride? Watch the video below and see for yourself.