Andy Willis is a man who's doing more than most to have a positive impact on UK skateboarding.

Like many of us, he finds that his chosen past time gives him that bit of mental space, or even freedom where he can escape the nonsense of every day life. What sets Willis apart, however, is that this love of skating has led him to become one of the most respected skate park builders in the UK.

After starting skating, he found himself part of a scene where he felt at home. From there he got more involved than many, helping build and repair ramps at local skate park The Pioneer in St Albarns, Hertfordshire.

"I never thought it could be a business... or a career"

Just helping out soon became a hobby, which snowballed into an obsession, and has now become a full time career for Willis.

His signature take on park building involves incorporating different textures into what he builds, ensuring a unique experience for anybody that skates a Willis park. He also has a focus on sustainability, ensuring the local environment, as well as the local skate scene is well looked after.

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