Week skateboard

Remember when you were young, and your mom warned you about the kids from the local council skatepark being a bit rough, and certainly not anybody that you should hang around with?

If you're one of the millions of kids that had that talk, you definitely don't want your old dear to see this video of a bunch of Aussie skaters ripping in a mini ramp that's been built in a massive field full of pot.

There's enough green here to get all of China high, or keep Snoop Dogg on the mellow for the next 25 minutes.

The whole thing has been created to generate publicity for Australian skate and surf apparel label Afends, who've released a new range made out of hemp - the versatile plant that can be both woven like cotton, and smoked to get you off your cake.

But, you know... don't. Don't take drugs.

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