Photo: DC / YouTube

DC Shoes have fired the first shots in what is turning out to be a ferocious beef with Scooter kids.

In an advert for the new trainer made by the iconic company that was founded by Ken Block, and is part owned by Rob Dyrdek, pro skater Wes Kremer makes an impassioned, political speech.

Kremer - a man who looks a bit like a vagrant doing an impression of a lion - promises a "war with the scooters", referring to their popularity as an "epidemic". He also suggests taking scooters from kids, taking off the handlebars, dumping them in the bin, and giving the mid a skateboard in it's place.

Now, it goes without saying that this is no more than a funny little advert for DC's latest hoops, but this hasn't stopped ... err, what's the collective noun for scooter kids? A cluster? A nursery? A guff-hat? Let's commit to guff-hat.

This hasn't stopped a huge guff-hat of scooter kids going online to vent their rage, both at Kremer and DC.


Where do you stand? Have DC gone too far, or have the junior keyboard warriors given the shoe manufacturer exactly what they want?

Let's be honest, we all know the answer. Well bowled, DC. Well bowled.

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