Photo: Red Bull / Rich West


Chances are, if you skateboard, you've had your eye on a local spot that you're desperate to turn into your very own slice of skatable Nirvana. You've got the will, you've got the know how, but all your missing is the materials and the tools.

That's where the Red Bull DIY Tour comes in. The 2015 tour hit up 16 skate crews and independent shops from the length and breadth of the UK and gave them all the tools, cement, and other bits and pieces needed to transform anything from irrigation ditches to overgrown concrete wastelands to long-lost roads into legit skate spots.

We're not talking full-blown X-Games style mega parks here. These were DIY, punk rock, legit-as-it-gets spots, built by skaters, for skaters to hit, and hit hard.

That said, the Dazed Retailing store from Stoke-on-Trent - eventually winners of this years tour - managed to knock together their very own Danny Way-style mega ramp.

Photo: Red Bull / Rich West


So, next time you're looking at the long abandoned car park, the stair set on the building that's not been open since the 80's, or that perfect bank to manny pad that's behind the fence put up by long-since-gone builders, remember that these guys made it happen, and so can you.

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