When a skate edit from Transylvania lands in your inbox, you'd think it'd be ten minutes of folk racing downhill, coffin style (coffin-ing?). Alas not.

Fake, a film by a sick crew from Draculas ends, is actually an entertaining string of tech and imaginative lines that's got us pretty stoked. The crew, made up of Dragos, Cret, Ricardo, Mitza S, TP, and Ivana Drinkyourblood, hit up some sweet virgin spots to get some tasty footage.

"Transylvanian Skaters definitely don't suck"

Along with the steezy makes, there are also a lot of bails, possibly caused by wheel bite. Hopefully none were too much of a pain in the neck. Conspicuous by there absence were any Christ Airs.

Fangs to the MVSRVM for sending the edit over to us. You guys definitely don't suck.

We must admit, we have no idea what the clips of news reel cut in between the skate footage say, as our Romanian isn't quite what it could be.

We assume that there's nothing offensive or illegal being said, or no missile launch codes that will result in Belgium being raised to the ground.

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