Everybody in the world knows that the future of the skateboard is the hoverboard. Everyone. Except these guys....

Future View, an electric motor company, has invented the One Wheel, described as "the future of board sports".

What is One Wheel?

The One Wheel is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. A single racing go-kart wheel in the middle of two pressure sensitive pads.

A kind of cross between a segway and a skateboard, leaning forwards or backwards will propel you....well, forwards and backwards.

The One Wheel can go up to 12mph and will travel four miles on a single charge.

In case you have the desire for extreme night riding (who wouldn't!) there are also some LEDs on the front and back, described by some One Wheel practitioners as "sick".

Can I buy one?

Yes. If you are willing to shell out £12,000 for it...Getting its original funding from Kickstarter, the One Wheel achieved its goal and will be going on sale to the public next week.

Or if you cannot wait until then, you can pre order one from their website.

Off Road!

Also, if the video above was not enough, there are some clips on the One Wheel website of people dropping off curbs... Yes, really.

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