Ever fancied hitting your local park, but sacked it off because the weather's bad? When Swedish skater Niklas Ehnberg found this mini ramp covered in ice, he could have gone home, played Skate 2, and cried into yet another Pot Noodle

But no. Rather than let the slippy bastard defeat him, the man they lovingly call 'Drängen' (which translates, disappointingly not as 'dragon', but 'farmhand') decided to tackle the problem head on, and master the frozen ply. The result is this rad little edit that's reminiscent of Deawon Song's part in Almost's Cheese and Crackers.

So, next time somebody warns you that you're skating on thin ice, simply reply "Too right. I'm just like the Swedish Deawon, now stop crushing my vibe, man" then run before they try to work out exactly what the shit you're talking about.

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