Marbel electric lightweight skateboard

Marbel electric lightweight skateboard

Not a day goes by without another crazy action sports invention popping up on Kickstarter. This is the latest: the lightest electric skateboard in the world.

Hell, the Marbel isn't even just the lightest skateboard - the inventors say it's the lightest electric vehicle in the world! Now that's quite a statement.

We've seen a few wacky ideas in our time - from the bizarre three-wheeled skateboard to the godawful flowboard. But have they got it right this time?

What's so great about it?

It's shaped like a longboard, weighs only 4kg and can reach speeds of 20mph uphill. One set of batteries will last up to ten miles. So you can charge it up overnight and rip, errr, uphill the next morning.



The deck is made of carbon fibre and kevlar with rubber nose and tail to absorb any impact. It does make you wonder how it would fare after an ollie over a stair set...

Any fancy extras?

This is a 21st century Kickstarter campaign. Of course there is. How else would you control the skateboard other than via an app on your smartphone?

Marbel Dashboard App

Marbel Dashboard App

You can control the speed and acceleration with your thumb using this Dashboard tool. It also gives you stats on how fast you're going, what your acceleration is like, how far you've travelled, and so on.

There's also a remote control for fuddy duddies who don't like apps.

Wait, wait, can I buy one of these right now?

Not quite. But Marbel have already exceeded their goal of $90,000 and they've still got 22 days to go! So looks like this is going to become a reality. If you fancy putting your advanced order in, just get donating on their Kickstarter page by clicking here.

What do you think? Lame or genius? Leave your comments below.

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