Think skating on longboards is the tame relation of it's more conventional brother? After all, it's just dudes rolling around the streets between hipster coffee shops and that new uber-tarian burrito place, right?

Wrong. This video shows that skating longboards can be the gnarliest sport around. As the dude blisters down the hill, be nips and tucks around a series of blind corners.

However, right towards the end, just as you think mellowing out, a large coach full of tourists suddenly appears. Thankfully, the experience and reflexes of our her kicked in, and he managed to dodge what would have been certain death by bailing into some trees by the side of the road.

In this incident, the guys involved had checked the road out, closed it off, and used walkie talkies to warn each other of any hazards approaching. However, a breakdown in communication due to a radio failure almost meant that one massive, coach-shaped hazard slipped through the net.

We're all for  pushing the limits, and things getting a little bit pant-soiling, but remember to stay safe and check your lines, whatever sport you're doing.

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