OOOF! A lot can go wrong when you go bombing hills on your board. Bailing at speed on rough tarmac almost always leads to a bit of road rash. However, ploughing head first into an oncoming car... that's something else all together.

That's exactly what happened to this hapless skater, who was otherwise enjoying a day on the hill with his pals and their longboards. Nailing it around a corner, he and his buddy seem to have a speed wobble, or hit some debris on the road at pretty much the same time.

Throwing them to the ground, sliding across the floor was the least of our intrepid heroes woes. All of a sudden, a car was baring down on one of the pair. Luckily the driver slowed down enough for the collision to be relatively minimal. Even so, our pal's momentum carried him forward, head first into the grill of the car.

Luckily, we're assured he walked away with no serious injuries.

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